The club had the honour of celebrating it`s 125th anniversary on the 12th of September 2009. This was exactly 125 years to the day from the formation of the club. The club celebrated the day in some style with 97 playing members taking part in a friendly competition on a glorious sunny day.

Among those playing were members as young as 10 years of age and as young as 93 years of age.. 

We are delighted to show some images of the day and of the people who took part in it.


 The celebration plinth

The plinth is unveiled by Club President Jim Somerville & Centenary President Robert Milne


The three Presidents

Jim Somerville ( 125 year )      Billy Adams ( 125 Committee )      Robert Milne ( Centenary Year )


The Members on the day



the players from left to right

Jim McGinley, Billy Adams, Cathy Docherty, Sam McGeachie Jnr,

Jim Somerville, Robert Milne, Davis Robertson, Jim Russell

the players from left to right

Bill Blane, Donald Sinclair, Jean M Graham, Harvey Martin,

Willie Darroch, Anne Peake, Tommy Murray, Jack Somerville


 the players from left to right

Grant Russell, Chris Hinde, Joe Campbell, Ashleigh Cox,

Sasha Docherty, George Bruce, Mary Coughlan, Ian Graham


the players from left to right

Brian Purdie, Sandra Watt, Eva Broadfoot, Babs Hamill, Colin Laird,

David Scott, Anne Chisholm, Lewis Campbell, Scott Paton


the players from left to right

Hamish Ness, Duncan McLarty, Jason Laird, Tracy Clark,

Willie Riach, Eileen Adams, Ainsley Clark, Colin Burnett


the players from left to right

Blair F Graham, Billy Parker, Margaret McQuade, Craig Laird,

Conner Duncan, Irene McKenzie, Hugh Davidson, Craig Watson


the players from left to right

Davie Duguid, Wille Ross, Mick McDermott, Graeme Cox,

Ewan Somerville, Carol Laird, Joe Currie, Mary Scott

the players from left to right

Gordon Somerville, Willie Kelly, John Orr, Jennifer Riach,

Peter Reid, Elaine Campbell, Eric Peake, Willie Hudson


the players from left to right

Dick Maxwell, Eddie Sweeney, Jimmy Irwin, Marilyn McLarty,

Marion Connell, Gordon Phillips, Harry McToal, Johnny Johnston


the players from left to right

John Ryan, Bob Fyffe, Andy Morran, Chris Maxwell,

Lesley Smyth, Alex Morton, Gordon Laird, Willie McKay


the players from left to right

Alistair Scott, David Thorburn, Chris Thorburn, Heather Campbell,

Erin Clark, Vic Smyth, Hugh Connell, Alan MacLeod



Jessie McLeod, Margaret Gourlay, Willie Renton, Benny Docherty, Elaine Sinclair, Peggy Townsley,

Margaret Graham, Maureen Febers, Isabel Hughes, George Hughes, Joe Febers, Martha Gamble



The 125 Committee

Duncan McLarty, Blair F Graham, Billy Adams, Willie Riach, Brian Purdie


Maureen  &  Joe Febers


The monoblock area before the unveiling of the plinth, showing the benches which were donated to the club by

Maureen and Joe Febers
















Clydebank Bowling Club

125th Anniversary


Saturday 12th September 2009