Here are some photo`s of the Millenium Tournament that was held on the 1st of August this year. Our thanks go to the sponsors, Peter McIntosh for the raffle prizes and Wallace Ezxpress for the Competition prizes.

As you will see from the photos below the day was very well attended and the atmosphere improved as the day went on...... the quality of the photo`s reflects this...

The winning team on the day was

Michael McDermott, Joe Currie and Willie Riach.


The day starts off........... Look at the absolute JOY on the faces ?




This is where it starts to go wrong.......................

That`s the one that broke the camera !!!


Now the Semi Finalists

Alistair Scott, Stewart Riddell and Alan McLeod

Jimmy Russell, Kenny McKenzie and Grant Russell

The Runners Up

Duncan McLarty, Eric Peake and Vic Smyth

The Winners of the Millenium Tournament 2010

Michael McDermott, Joe Currie and Willie Riach

And then there were happy times in the hospitality of the Boardroom. 



Thanks to IPP Jim Sommerville for the photos....


Now we come to more photo`s sent in by Blair Graham.....

Barrsy looks like Sir Alex watching Man Utd training !!!!!

So what do we think Duncan was thinking?


Next we have a selection of shots where we put Blair`s camera to the test to see how fast the shutter is, and if it can catch a certain Hobbit Like creature smiling.... :-}}

Joe starts making noises........  see below

Nearly but Joe looked away............hmmmmmm

This is a photographers nightmare...

At this point Blair realised it was a lost cause.......

All credit to the runners up, they kept smiling through like real troopers, but they never had Mick on their team !!


And finally.................... 

During the latter stages of a truly enthralling game, the shout of " INCOMING " was heard.  Billy Adams with his comprehensive Navy Seals training immediately took evasive action and dived for cover, protecting his face as he fell.. 

( That is version number 1 )


During the latter stages of an enthralling game Billy Adams was shocked by an ear splitting noise and tripped inadvertantly over the scoreboard much to his embarassment....

( That is version number 2 )


During the latter stages of an enthralling game Billy Adams stumbled over a scoreboard as he watched a stunning bowl being played into the head.....

( That is version number 3 )


During the latter stages of an enthralling game Billy Adams went for a wee lie down. This is evidently what happens when you win 100 County Caps, you swap your whites of a County Player for two burly men in white coats and a van with a blue light on the roof !!!!! 

they take you to State Hospital, Carstairs or Lennox Castle, Lennoxtown ( since changed )

( That is version number 4 )

Make your own mind up !!!

100 County Caps   =  17 years

Club Championship Winner = Pink shirt

Flat on your back in Dunedin Terrace holding your nose when someone lets one slip = Billy Adams  ( Priceless and never to be equalled )



The Millenium Tournament 2010