The club celebrated the Andy Ward day on the Sunday after closing day. Andy was a hugely popular character and as a tribute to him, we celebrated by having a day of bowls which was full of laughter, fun and a few memories. All of the players had a great day, and we have some photos of some of the more entertaining moments of the day... 

Look at this lot...... as soon as they see a camera, they think they are superstars


This one looks like the birdies dance !!!!

and so does this


A hands in the pocket moment

We had an audience


What is vic looking at? Why is Brian laughing?


Then there was the story of the eight !!!!!!!!

Tommy ( as skip ) has just realised he might have lost an eight. So he starts to measure the shots.... look at the technique !


Billy cant believe the way he is measuring..

Vic can`t believe it is an eight


Billy looks very worried that it might only be a seven

John is worried too

looks like an eight from here..... count them again Tommy


Billy thinks it`s an eight

Duncan said it was something else !!!!!

Tommy says it is a two

The next end Tommy was isolated

The truth is revealed at the bar

A shot of the green when they heard that Mr Wyper was at the bar

Then there was the presentation to mark the event

Defending the indefensible

There was a special quiz set up to win money on the day


There were also some random shots taken...

what was Alistair looking for?



Jimmy is offering to sing at the presentation

( IPP looks unimpressed )


The Duntocher mafia show us how they order a pint in the village :-]



Arthur pulls a bar towel out of his ear!


The Braveheart Series of Photos

First one

Then two

Then more join in

This is CBC`s answer to The Calendar Girls

Looks like Alan is going to throw up after seeing the Calendar Girls.


This lot are practising the sexy over the shoulder look for next years calendar


Joe tells Sammy that Mick is doing the Haka !

( He learned it in New Zealand when he was filming )


Billy Adams does Break Dancing and someone checks the bins :P


The story goes that Jimmy gave away the end by throwing his skips bool and losing a three !

his team know what has happened

John have you seen my bool? I am one short


Willie R gets into practise for the pantomine season, shouting at Jimmy

 " it`s behind you "


" only place it deserves to be " was one comment

This photo sums up the day......


Billy Adams does a magic trick with Willies Long Johns...


David teaches Mick what the black balls on the ground are for

" and you pick it up and throw it?...... You`re winding me up"



There are people who put their names on their clothes so that they can be recognised if they get lost like Paddington Bear.. Here is a photo of Michael McDermott and someone called Taylor

Then we had the presentations with the Ward family. They come along every year and enjoy the day with us, which is a great acolade to Andy..






The Andy Ward Day