2016 Charity Day

Club Charity Day 2016

The club held it`s first charity day on the 1st of October 2016.

How it all started


During the course of 2015, there were a number of discussions related to how we could bring new ideas and competitions to the club, for the entertainment of the members and to benefit the club. One idea floated around was for a charity day which could be slotted in to the 1st of October if we extended our normal season by 7 days. Due to the quality of the green and the weather on closing day over recent years, the board decided that we should go ahead with the new concept. And so it became a reality.


Here are some photos from the day and you will see that there are some new faces on the green. We were delighted to welcome players from Anniesland BC, Colgrain BC, Old Kilpatrick BC, Townend BC, St Vincent BC, Auchenairn BC, Yoker BC as well as a strong compliment of our own members.

Please note that all of the photos were taken by Blair Graham, and we are very grateful to him for these.


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