Images of Clydebank on the first day of our 125th Year

There are a number of photos here from the club over a period of time, also there are some shots that have been taken locally which depict Clydebank and hopefully can show you a little of the spirit of the town and the people who made it what it is today.

There is a small video at the start of this group of photos that was taken on the 1st of January 2009, which is the year of our 125th anniversary. The video shows some images of the Club  and the town on a freezing January afternoon, the river scenes were taken outside the new Clydebank College and the slipway that gave birth to the famous ships from John Brown`s shipyard including the Queen Mary, The Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Elizabeth II ( or the QE2 as she was lovingly called ). The song in the background is a poigniant song from Gaberlunzie about a Glasgow Shipyard worker and the lyrics are very strong when added as a background to the video of the River with three tugs sailing home to Greenock after escorting a ship upriver to Glasgow. In December 2007 the tug the Flying Phantom sank with the tragic loss of three crew members at this spot in freezing fog. The video shows the weather changes that are always a threat on the river when you realise that the foggy scenes were taken only 10 minutes after the clear images in flat calm conditions.