The 2014

 Clydebank Bowling Club

 Club Finals Days


Here are some photo`s of the club final`s days. As we receive more images we will add to the page. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the days.

Congratulations to all of the players and officials who made it to the finals days, and huge respect to Craig Watson for all his hard work and efforts to bring the competitions to this stage..... A truly remarkable job.



Club Champion 2014

Runner up

Gents Rinks Winners





The Ladies Champion 2014


The Gents Pairs Champions

 Other images from Finals day 1

Championship Final.... one blue bowl to play


The moment that the Championship was decided

We knew the weather was going to play a part...............

The pressures of the game on finals day


Then we had the consummate professional, a stoic figure on the Clydebank landscape....... an indeed this is a Bowls Scotland District Secretary who was trained, and performed the role of Clydesider board marker at Kelvingrove during the Commonwealth Games 2014......

Then the aforementioned Clydesider got stung in an inappropriate place by a wasp. Apparently there was a sharp pain, followed by a numbness in the irritated area and then a throbbing that was eventually calmed by the application of a paper napkin soaked in vinegar !!!!!

 ( The wasp was subsequently taken into the boardroom and given a stern talking to by the BoM )

Then we had the happy hippies of Clydebank watching the finals...


Now to the more serious bit, speeches etc......

George Bruce is shocked at comments from the crowd...

Then he gets his own back ...

Then we had the club champions speech.................... He hadn`t won the championship for 31 years.................. which is almost as long as his speech!!!!! Look at the effect the speech had on the President and Vice President !!!!


PS: Aitchy mate,  the innocent stance and imitation of being a nice guy doesn`t work. We know you !!  ;-P

And now to second finals day, weather still shocking....

Then we had a marker who was up to something, I am only glad the Ladies were upwind......

Now we know the truth about Mad Mick`s Tours.... INCOMING !!!



Umpire takes refuge.....

They are happy now...... until..... A MEASURE !!!

Now to the presentations

Winners Ladies Pairs 2014

Runners Up Ladies Pairs 2014

Winner Presidents Trophy 2014 sponsored by The Graham Family

Runner Up Presidents Trophy 2014

Winner Junior Singles 2014 Sponsored by The Graham Family

Runner Up Junior Singles 2014

Mrs Margaret Graham, sponsor of Clydebank Bowling Club with her family, who have been such an integral part of the club for years.

Look closely at each photo with Margaret in it..her smile shines through on every photo... that speaks volumes for the lady

Thanks for your sponsorship Margaret, our juniors are thriving and this is largely down to your family and your support...


3rd Finals day