That looks high

The view from the top of the crane

Still laughing..............

Serious heights we are talking about here

She is on her way down

I dont believe I just did that !!!



Well done Elaine....  Have a crunchie on us  :-P

PS:  Need some work on the landings dear, could be better  :-}}

The Enable Charity Abseil on May 3, 2009

Here are some images from the charity abseil from the Titan Crane in Clydebank. Elaine who works with the team in the club to keep all of the members and guests " Hydrated " .... decided that she was going to take part in a charity abseil off of the Titan Crane to support the Enable Scotland fundraising event. Elaine went round the members and has been successful in raising well over 300,00 by agreeing to free fall over 150 feet!!!!

The members supported Elaine by sponsorship, and we decided to go along and take some photo`s to prove that she had actually completed the task.  To everyone who supported Elaine by sponsorship and to everyone who had the courage to join in the abseil........  congratulations.  I hope you enjoy the photo`s.....


That is high

The view from the platform

Nervous,  could be !!!!!

This is Limbo

I come in this earth?

Yaaa  Beeeeaauuttttyyyyyy  !!!!!!!!!!!!