Billy Adams 100th County Cap on the 5th of June 2010


This page is a small token of respect for Billy Adams on the fantastic achievement of 100 County Caps. In the 126 year history of Clydebank Bowling Club, we have only ever had 2 members who have achieved this iconic milestone.  Billy Adams, is probably the most liked , well respected member of our club as numerous comments on the Forum have borne testament to. 

To let you appreciate the consistent standard of Bowls that Billy has achieved, it is perhaps timely to explain that a Bowler can only achieve 7 County Caps per year, so to pass the milestone of 100 caps a player has to be consistently good enough to be chosen over all of the other players in the County for a Minimum of 15 years, if you were picked in every single game!

 ( One of Billy`s close friends told me that he had achieved his milestone by playing 1 game for the County every year !  But I take these comments with a pinch of salt sometimes! )

I have included some photos to commemorate the day, and some comments from the Forum which demonstrate the respect that Billy has earned from his fellow bowlers over the years....

A remarkable achievement from a remarkable guy 

From the forum:

Congratulations to Billy Adams, who was awarded his 100th cap for Dumbartonshire county today.
Following Jim McGinley in becoming only the 2nd member in the history of our club to do so.
This is a fantastic achievement and is thoroughly deserved, for one of the best and probably the most popular member of our club.
Billy joined Clydebank Bowling Club in 1988, from Drumchapel Public, and instantly became fully involved in all aspects of our club, due to his unbelievable enthusiasm. An enthusiasm that has seen him gain respect from the members of all areas of our club ie the seniors, juniors, ladies and club members, as well as the many friends he has made from other clubs.
He won his 1st club championship in 1991 and earned his 1st cap in 1992.
Billy has also been President of Clydebank Bowling Club (1994), Glasgow Northern Indoor Bowling Club and Whiteinch Indoor Bowling Club.
Once again congratulations Billy on a fantastic achievement and one that is thoroughly deserved.


I'm sure I'll be welcome to congratulate Billy on his 100th cap. On a fine day, at a fine setting, playing a fine game, securing a fine win for his rink and being involved in a remarkable draw for DBA County was a great achievement and a day he'll not forget in a hurry.

I've been with Billy on 75 of these caps and been through the good times and bad times with results, playing in the same rink for a couple of years. 100 caps is a massive 18 years of dedication to the county and to bowls in general and I'd like to congratulate Billy on this achievement.

As .......said there is always something going on with Billy, and some of the hilarious car journeys with him, Geordie (DBA) Hughes, Jim McGinlay are unforgettable. It made the long trips to Stranraer worth while...LOL






Billy was presented with a canvas of his favourite fishing area by his friends on the Club League team on the evening before his big day.











Billy is caught with a smile on his face 

 ( you would need to be David Bailey to catch him without a smile )






Billy with his team members prepare to do battle for the 100th time..... A Centurian at last









Another shot of the team that eventually won the tie. Note the building in the background, it was built the year Billy earned his first cap.  That is the one directly above Billy`s head, not the one on the right!





Now here we see Billy with a banner that was given to him on the day. Note well that the banner is supported on two sticks in case Billy couldn`t hold on for any length of time as the photo was taken.

 ( He is a centurian you know )





Then Billy the babe magnet took over. The man is so popular it is unbelievable!









And again.....








This is interesting, as soon as Billy Adams becomes a Centurian, he gets one of these Hollywood Superstar camper vans for him to change in ! Look they parked it over the hedge for him, to keep the screaming wummin fans away.  None of your usual wee hut at the back of the club, not for a Centurian... We will need to get the Cooncil to paint a reserved parking space outside every Bowling Club in the County for Oor Billy ! 






Now for the Bowls, the title of this shot is " The Deliverance ". As a winning bowl is despatched






Then you get the sprightly skip up the green to ensure that the Bowl is delivered perfectly !





Then you get the special " Lean " which all the County players know, but dont tell anyone about. This is a special manoeuvre perfected over the years to ensure that the little rascal ends up EXACTLY where he was supposed to go!






For the record. Billy`s rink won their tie. Here is an image that sums up the man, smile on his face playing bowls...


Good luck to you Billy, we all look forward to seeing you on the green soon...