Here is a photo of one of the bowlers who were representing the Retired Section in this years Milmine Trophy.

The final result of the day was that the Retired Section were victorious by 1 shot!

However there were a number of different incidents through the day that may just have had an effect on the team...  for instance, on our rink alone we had Andy Moran ( Lugsy Moran ) listening in to private tactical discussions. I was viciously assaulted by a wet towel right across my coupon by Hugh Davidson, and that is just two small incidents that shows how mean the Retired section were on the day.

As if to prove my point beyond all reasonable doubt look at the uniform the Retired Section wanted to play in this year..... ( The members suggested that the uniform design was somewhat inappropriate and the offending item was removed )

Rumours of a light snack of Cock-a-Leekie soup being served, proved unfounded !!!

Thanks to everyone who played and made the day a great success... Next year you are going to lose......



The Milmine Trophy 2012