Here are some images from the opening day of the green on the 2nd of April 2011. 

 This year was special due to the fact that the club has now moved to an integrated full membership policy in line with European Legal guidelines. We have a full compliment of 15 board members and there are three lady members on the board.

The opening ceremony was very well attended and the members took great delight in the President Mr Billy Adams being shown how to bowl by his grandaughter. I must say she certainly didn`t look scared of the green or the thought of throwing

( or kicking ) a bowl or two up the green.

We also saw the opening of two landmarks on the greens to remember two well respected members who passed away over the last year. There is a bench to remember Dick Maxwell at the changing room end of the East green, and a decking area created by the family to remember Sandy Darroch.

A special thanks to Jean Graham for excellent photos of the day..


The Hon Secretary starts off proceedings

The President and his good lady










Flowers for Granny

A kiss for the nice lady....

and another nice lady...........

The flowers need a nappy grandad


The first Bowl is thrown



The Vice President moved the jack on the first shot.... try again

I declare the green open

The wife said the green is it`s open !


It`s a flag....

Job done.....

This is a long walk for new junior members

The new juniors take to the green


New members take to the green



Dick Maxwell`s Bench


Sandy Darroch`s Decking plaque




The next generation of Bankie Boolers


All this preparation........ 


The green is open

The day is going well

Billy you have to buy a drink ... honest !

I`ve been on there...


Whats your problem Mister?  I threw the bowl

Renfrew never stood a chance



night shift gets to you......

The Opening Day of the Green in our 127th Year