In no particular order.....




Cruella De Ville !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please note I make NO COMMENT !!!!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  SHARON  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



The Three Amigo's


Bill Blanes face is a picture !!!!!!!!!!

Don't do it Elaine, she'll slap you or charge you a fiver !

As a gentleman, and duty director..... What can I say !

" Thats another fiver for me !! "

Competition for the Growler

Go explain this...................


There goes one of my fivers

Bertie shows a dark evil side........

But all is well............

Braveheart is looking for some English to use his Claymore on  ( thats the two handed one )

So I wonder what was said ???????????


If anyone has any ideas for captions then let us know and we might just put them in for a laugh...


Thanks again for making it so enjoyable......... see you again next year !!






                     The Halloween Party 2011

Here we have some images from the Halloween Party organised by David Clark and Brian and Wendy Cox, in the club on the 29th of October.

The night was a huge success and everyone who came along made the night hugely entertaining. Congratulations to everyone who turned out, and especially to the organisers, who managed to make the night one to remember....  and a special thanks to the guys from Asda who came along and joined in, I saw one of them on the sunday morning with the makeup still round the eyes working on the Till !!!

Braveheart, Bertie Bassett and Miss October !!!!!!    Och it's too hard to explain..... look at the pictures...