The Hon Sec starts the procedings



Hon Sec is concerned, Presidents wife is laughing, Vice President is unconcerned, and we don`t know what was said between the President and the Vice Presidents wife !



What is this thing on the green? 



A flower battle on Opening Day !!!!!


A President in training.... and his grandson !  :-]


Now we see a group of players on the green in no order...

Alistair, you always wanted to be on the web. This has been sent to Gok Wan as well.....

Peter shows the strain of being on my team..... Not a happy bunny !

Look at that head of bowls for opening day !!!!!  I am impressed..

Now look at the close up image below.....


no further comment required   :-P






                     The Club Opening Day 2012

             Here we have some images from the opening of the greens on the 7th of April 2012.

The weather for the day was superb for bowling with a slightly chilly breeze, but it stayed dry...  take a look at the photos which were taken by Tom Jack who has a collection of photos of Old Clydebank on the Clydebank Restoration website.

I have more photos from the day which will filter through in various forms over the course of the year :-P