Here are some photos of the hall and the people who were enjoying the night......






Then the entertainment ...............   ;-P


Grumpy --------

Now all we need are  Dopey, Grumpy and Bashful -------


Oh scrub that they are here ! -------

Snow White and Sneezy !!!!



This one is a dead cert for the caption competition................. 

Billy looks like he has had a wee shock, and Joe looks like he has had a wee good time !


Here we go, I don`t know who is going to win this one...

Then they both look as if they are about to use a word beginning with.....  "B"


Then we had a couple of Churchill impersonators......... all they need is a cigar!


Looks like Wendy is in the dock for some terrible crime!!!!  



Some of the Honoured guests from Kindred clubs.......





Happy and proud family !!!!!!!!!!!!


Has somebody been drinking from the cup ????


Some happy photos from round the hall...



The dancing started..........




The caramel wafer war between President and Immediate Past President starts


Hope you enjoyed the photos, sorry there aren`t more but maybe next year..






                The Club Presentation of Prizes 2012

             Here we have some images from the Club`s presentation of Prizes which was held on the 13th of October 2012.

The presentation of prizes was held on a saturday night this year and the evening was a great success. This was despite the unfortunately low turnout of Members on the evening.

I have included a number of photos of the evening and I hope that you all enjoy them.