Here are a a collection of images that are either embarassing, humorous or just of members in strange situations. There is a great opportunity for members to send in photos they have, and it has been suggested that we run a caption competition. I have put a reference number under each photo and captions can be sent to the forum on the blether page or emailed to the club at


Evidently a few members met, unexpectedly, at a club on the south side of the city recently. There was a light hearted exchange of the normal banter, and following the meeting we have been asked to anounce a competition....................

Tour Competition 



Guys, am I missing something here?  there seems to be a rash of pink shirts appearing around the place. The latest batch were spotted this evening despite a valiant attempt to cover up and call the shirt " Peach ".....come on... I might be stupid but I am not colour blind !!!!!!  The last two spotted were ex club champions, is this some kind of badge of honour?


This evening I was questioned by a member as to why he had not been included on the web page..................  which is a fair comment!  So I took it upon myself to take his photo, and I have included it here.

I apologise for the quality of the picture but I think I may have misheard the comment...

 ( Robert Hume`s mobile was going at the time, so the comment may not be as it is portrayed here )

I thought he said  " A solar panel for a socks machine ! "  But I could be wrong, but I have put the picture in anyway  :-}}



This video will take a while to load first time round, but it is worth it !




Just a few random shots to show  the world

Immediately after this shot was taken there was an eclipse over Clydebank   :-P

For security reasons and to protect the innocent we will not be showing the photo


Well now you said it was not on the website........................  Here it is. It will take a while to load for the first time, and then it will load just fine..

I hope you enjoy the small slideshow !!!!!!                          :-}}}}



Idea for the 125 committee........................


Could we approach BHS and see if John Orr could be for them, what Nicole Kidman is for Chanel No5 ?????


During the Kindred Clubs Day, there were a couple of photo opportunities that were too good to miss. One of them shows the pressure lined on the face of a member under strain in the final of a competition, as  he reaches for a beer !

The next one is a photo showing some members celebrating a certain ex member`s trophy, which he collected for his behaviour on the green.

As you see below........................he got his beer and he looks better for it  :-}}


OK...................... Now then, I would like to see if anyone else has any other captions for this one  ...

GR can`t believe he is in this shot.

The donkey`s expression gives us a clue as to whether he likes being grabbed from behind by an ex-member!. 

The ex-member thinks he has a lumber ( good move to take the tie off ! ).

BigT is singing " My way !!! " ( Hope there is no connection there ). 

BP is obviously accusing Aitchy of some embarrasing act in the past........... 

Aitchy is smiling, but he is trying to remember what BP is telling us all about.


( Good decision CW I would have tried to get out of this photo as well )


After Ewan Somerville playing his first tie for the club against Dalmuir Juniors last week. His dad wanted it put on record that he had taught Ewan everything he knows, and the two blue bowls were his.... ( like we believe he never placed them?  :-P )

Then we had Mick PROUDLY getting stuck into the second plate of a lovely steak dinner on the Kindred Clubs Day.. I dare say that every adonis needs to have food ................... 

All regular visitors to this page will appreciate that there are some images that require no explanation, and on the occasion we try to include some here.......some of you may have already guessed his nomme de plume on the forum....

And recently it has been noticed that there has been a sudden surge of willing volunteers to " grass " people up for a sort of photo shoot. (Be careful who your friends are folks......)  anyway this " grassing up " usually involves people wearing pink, ( or as one creative description was overheard ---  it`s coral and it is manly ! )  The latest was a certain " shady " character trying to get a quiet unassuming member included in the gallery......

 Goodness only knows why.... 


Readers should appreciate that while we take the mickey out of each other, it is a form of respect that we can do it with no malice. It takes a lot of effort from a large number of members to make our club what it is today, and we should recognise the work put in by them on our behalf. The competitions we play in, the social nights we enjoy, the free drinks we get when we host friendly games against other clubs, the menu`s and team sheets and countless other things that we take for granted are all done by our members working for the good of the club. They should be complimented on their work and the time that they and their families give up on a voluntary basis.



That being said, it was noticed by three of us sitting watching the ties tonight, that whenever the vision below came out of the club.......................... THERE WERE NO SEAGULLS !

Honestly, there was not a single seagull in the sky every time this adonis came out from the club!  The green was silent, except from two Easyjets and a BMI Baby.....Remarkable


C`mon Mick you didn`t really expect us to miss an opportunity like this did you?  

Scott---- Tam---  your photos came out just fine too, but the public can only stand so much excitement at any one time.... So be patient.


The latest update is that " the people from the bottom of the garden are dressing down for summer "



Do we all remember when we were growing up, when there were tooth fairies who would sneak in and leave 10p under your pillow when you lost a tooth?,

And the famous "people who lived at the bottom of the garden" in the childhood fairy tales?

Well we`ve caught a glimpse of them. ( Possibly because it`s our 125th year ) ..and we have discovered the Clydebank equivalent! These are the ones who sneak in at the dead of night, .................when all good children are asleep ................. and water the greens !  How nice are they?

If you see one, be sure to say thank you to them, for keeping our greens so nice and!

Wow look .......................there are two of them, and one has a big hose !!!!


There was an exchange of views between two Brian`s outside the club. One Brian is very shy and stated that he would not be on that website....No Way !  The other is also shy and made a comment, the comment cant be repeated here, but captions under the photos would be welcome.

Did you hear what he said?

No way am I gonna be on the website, you won`t get me

We did !!!!! 


It would appear from the incriminating photo below that the third " Sheila`s Wheel " member has been seen at the side of the green at the club !

Suitable captions would be MOST welcome...................

Question:  Is this the one that is called " Scotty the Hotty "  on the forum???????

Question:  Does the Trades Descriptions Act cover those who wear pink shirts????

Some of the comments initially heard about the photos below, will give you an idea of what we are looking for as captions.......

"They really should phone each other to see what they are wearing today................."

"Wardrobe selection by Stevie Wonder ......................"

"Something about a film  Brokeback Mountain..........................."


What was he looking at? what is so funny?


Why has the gentleman on the right still got the same look on his face?  What is going on with the gentleman on the left?



What can you say about this?


















Some images that some people might prefer not to have had taken......