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Blether Pages

A lighter hearted look at some of the goings on in a bowling club... and the characters that you meet in it !

( For those likely to be offended, please turn away now )

The idea behind this section


The club has has the honour of having a large number of members, over it`s 130 years plus in existence. The clubs origins stem from the working class background of the town of Clydebank, where respect was earned and never given, people respected each other and hard work and hard words were a daily occurence.

The humour of the shipyards, the large industries such as Singers, and a host of small manufacturing companies was reflected in everyday conversation. The particular brand of humour was used very effectively by the likes of Billy Connolly to make his fortune, by simply being a storyteller of the daily happenings he experienced in his childhood on Clydeside.

This concept runs through the whole fabric of our society and a great number of our members have a llibrary of stories to tell, if we just take the time to listen!.

We must have the ability to laugh at ourselves and our fellow bowlers...... so a big mouth and broad shoulders are required to fully appreciate this section.... Leave your pride at the door, and bring your humour inside :-)

Clydebank Open 4`s 2015


The moral of the story for all younger bowlers is............ pay attention on the green, remain focused and respect your opponents..


The story all transpires on the West Green during the Clydebank Open Fours on Saturday the 8th of August 2015. Apparently the bowler playing immediately before Tam McCabe, played a shot that pushed the jack out to the very edge of the rink to such a degree that the umpire had to take a look and confirm that the end had not been burned and the jack was still on the rink and in play. Tam was told that he needed to play really wide by the team mates at the head, but threw his bowl right into the mix of the bowls where the jack used to live! His opponent drew towards the displaced jack for 5, but the shot was so close to the edge of the rink that the umpire had to confirm that the opponents bowl was also in the rink and play could continue. Tam was back on the mat.....

Tam threw the same bowl as his last, directly into the bunch of bowls which were nowhere near the displaced jack. Tam, to his eternal credt, did apologise, telling his team that he thought he was "a bit tight this time as well". Tam being blissfully unaware that the jack had been moved and he was aiming at a fantasy jack! His only mitigating comment when asked if he hadn`t seen the jack move, was " That must have been when I was answering a text message "

Clydebank Open 4`s 2015


The following report just goes to demonstrate that Bowls is a funny old game, and full of surprises.


On the green at this year`s Open 4`s, there were a couple of unusual happenings......

Such as George Bruce`s rink were playing against a Singers rink, and were sitting with a 5-1 lead, when the unthinkable happened. We lost an 8!

It was one of those ends..Willie Riach leaves a bowl about 2 feet short, and the second Colin Burnett comes up and knocks the bowl out the head. Thereafter it just didn`t get any better and the flat spot on rink1 made it impossible for Jerry Kane and George Bruce to get in and reduce the deficit, while Singers seemed to have no problem at all in leaving bowls scattered round the jack.....

It is only fair that I bring this news to the website....... otherwise I might get a shericking!



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