2015 2 Bowl Pairs

2 Bowl Pairs 2015

Sunday 17th May 2015

Two " Juniors " Win the 2 Bowl Pairs


A little piece of history was made yesterday when 2 of our " Juniors " won the 2 Bowl Pairs. The game was played on a blustery, sunny, rainy Sunday and the wind was freezing cold. In a very well contested day Connor Duncan and Craig Laird were victorious over IPP Joe Campbell and his good lady Elaine. The photo below is not the best quality, but it shows the two Craig`s together on the right hand side and two opposite on the left..............One has hair, the other is the Ties Convenor... :-P

Thanks to everyone who came down and endured the atrocious conditions, and to Stuart Hume for turning up as a reserve on the day.


Thanks to Carol for help with the pictures



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