2015 Scotstounhill Triples

Scotstounhill Open Triples 2015

Sunday 17th May 2015

Clydebank team win the Scotstounhill Triples


When I first saw this photo, I thought that someone was sharing a photo from a Mad Mick`s Tour. I know that the latest tour went to Ardamnurchan Point last week, and the usual suspects went along. I saw at a glance Billy Adams and Mick McDermott, but I was really struggling to decide whether the guy in the middle was Willie Riach or Joe Currie! It turns out that it was Grant Russell all the time. Just as well Bowls Scotland are sponsored by Specsavers when you can`t tell those three apart eh?

The trio in the photo were worthy winners of the Scotstounhill Triples on Sunday, and Charlie Steel tells me that he doesn`t want Mick back at Scotstounhill because every time he goes there he wins the trophies!


Thanks to Grant for sending me the photo........ I see you took two non drinkers with you and walked away with alcohol as a prize!

Cunning plan delivered ;-P


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